2018 Home Design Trend Predictions

Houzz, the home renovation and design platform, has announced its predictions for the top home design trends in 2018 based on its community’s activity. Here’s what the company is seeing:


  • White kitchens are still on-trend, but Houzz predicts more homeowners will be looking to personalize their spaces by adding new hues. Grays and blue are expected to gain in popularity, while warm wood tones will replace painted cabinets.
  • Houzz predicts homeowners will be adding more color throughout the home, favoring earthy tones like tobacco or camel for a rich look.


  • Dark-hued sinks made of concrete, stone, and copper will start to trend more than white or stainless steel sinks.
  • Trough and bucket sinks could be more popular, especially as the modern farmhouse trend persists.


  • Houzz anticipates concrete will be seen more in the home, showcased in decorative accents, furniture, and tile.
  • Millwork walls and detailing will also gain popularity, not just in the traditional bathrooms and kitchens, but as feature walls in spaces like the bedroom.
  • Big, bold, botanical floral prints are trending. Be sure to pick high-contrast colors and huge blooms.
  • Vintage-style lights, like aged copper pendants, will gain traction, according to Houzz.


  • Houzz reveals that there’s new tile that resembles wood, fabric, and wallpaper. It predicts that the wallpaper-esque will be popular as it provides a visual punch, but can be easily cleaned.


  • Homeowners want to relax before they sleep, so expect neutrals and borderline minimalist furnishings in bedrooms for 2018 instead of more ornate spaces.

source: customehomeonline.com