How to Hit a Home Staging Home Run

When you’re selling your home you’ll have to maintain a certain sense of perfection. That means a home that is always well-organized, clean, open and all-around welcoming. For some people, this can seem challenging, but anyone can hit a home run if they know how to do it. Here are home staging tips to make hitting it out of the park easy and affordable:

It’s nothing personal but…

In a staged home there should be minimal personal items on display. Make family photos and similar items some of the first you pack away. Home buyers need to be able to visualize their furnishings and décor in the new space.  Creating a canvas of your space can help give them this ability, and can get you one step closer to closing.

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors add the illusion of extra space in a room. Put up a few extra strategically placed mirrors around your home and they will make the rooms appear larger. If you don’t have a mirror or two hung up, you can always pick up an inexpensive mirror or two at your local home furnishing store or perhaps a local consignment store.   They don’t have to last long, just until you close.

Sweep your surfaces

Counters and tabletops should be as clear as possible. Cluttered surfaces are a major turnoff for buyers. Pack away everything to leave your kitchen and bathroom countertops in pristine condition.  By keeping them as clear as possible, you’ll open up the room a bit and make it significantly more appealing.

People love light

Lighting can make all the difference in selling a home, in terms of appearance at least. Homeowners staging their properties should keep most of the lights on at all times, or at least as long as viewers are stopping by.  When photographing the property for the listing and marketing items, it’s especially important to ensure that the home is well lit.

A no-nonsense appeal

Neutrality is the name of the home staging game. It is important to make the property appear appealing to anyone who walks through the front door. Start by painting the walls neutral tones. Crazy colors may be fun while you’re living there, but they may be too much for some potential buyers.  The home should be as welcoming as a fine hotel, with all the necessities for comfort without the personal items that clutter the space.

It’s simple and affordable to hit your home staging out of the park if you follow the advice above. As long as you keep rooms appealing, well-lit, uncluttered and clean, they should keep potential buyers interested and eventually lead to a purchase. That’s ultimately how you know you hit a home staging home run.

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Source: HMS Home Warranty